Owner | Tattoo Artist

Tommy began his tattoo career in Las Vegas, Nevada after researching tattoo studios and taking on a year long unpaid apprenticeship. Being a former member of the US Air Force, Special Ops, TACP, he understood the dedication and persistence it would take to learn this craft. His persistence gained him an apprenticeship and his hard work and experience have made him the versatile and award winning tattoo artist he is today. Tommy is most interested in tattoos that are inspired by painting techniques, black and grey, traditional Japanese, and is heavily inspired by his background in oil painting. 

Outside of his tattoo life, Tommy is a family man who spends his time with his wife and their two sons. Currently Tommy is using his talent with art and tattooing along with his previous experience in ministry to make the world a better place for all humankind.


I have the privilege of living a life where I get to live out my passion for art and tattoo, travel the world for tattoo conventions, and get to know great people.

My life is about creating art; both in the physical world and in the non-physical world, through various forms but mainly the craft of tattoo. I have found both personally and professionally that the sacred craft of tattoo can be a healing and connecting experience. I have had the opportunity to walk through this journey with many people and I am humbled and honored to do so. In our world many people want to hide who they are; the tattooed wear part of our insides on the outside. I count it a privilege to be trusted to help people heal or speak who they are to others. I want to live a life that is about connecting people with who they have always been created to be. 

In a world full of brokenness, pain and greed I strive to be about bringing love, hope and generosity. We all have a story to tell and the world needs to hear it.